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Avoid Fraudulent Gold Buyers: Learn How to Sell Gold Online


You've probably seen commercials or advertisements for companies that offer cash for your old gold, silver, and jewelry. It seems like a great deal, but how can you make sure it isn't a scam? Read on to learn how to avoid a scam and sell your gold, silver, and jewelry online.


Whether you are looking to sell 24k gold jewelry or want to sell scrap gold, most gold buyers are willing to take it off your hands and give you cash in return. But you want to make sure you get the best price when you sell jewelry, gold, or silver.


If you're wondering how much your gold is worth and a competitor doesn't publish their price, beware! Many gold buyers and jewelry buyers will not publish their prices or provide a straightforward answer because they don't want you to know how little they pay for your gold!


Protect yourself from unscrupulous businesses. Before you decide to transact business with any establishment you are strongly advised to research their legitimacy. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company, and if you can, go visit their brick and mortar store in person.


If you can go see them in person, their gold buyers should take the time to evaluate and assess each of your items in front of you. (The most popular method of evaluating gold is hand-testing, which is a non-destructive test that allows us to establish the purity of your items for proper payout.)


For most gold jewelry the value is in the precious metal content of the item - generally the weight of the piece multiplied by current gold prices. However, some pieces may have a higher value if it is a signature piece (i.e. a "signed" piece by Cartier or Tiffany & Co.), contains diamonds, or is a collector's item.


If you are selling your gold online, be sure to clearly read their terms of services before sending them any of your gold, silver, or jewelry. Also ensure that they send you a package to ship your gold (you shouldn't be sending your items on your dime), and that the shipping is insured. When you receive your offer of cash for gold, you should never feel pressured to sell. Gold buyers often do this, but if they do, take your items and find someone else to sell to.


Selling your gold, silver, and jewelry can be a great way to receive extra cash. Just make sure you take your business to legitimate, honest gold buyers, and you can avoid scams and receive the most cash for your gold.


Looking for a trusted and reliable gold dealer in London? Look no further than London Gold Centre. Their experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality gold products and services to their customers. Whether you're looking to buy or sell gold, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Visit their website to learn more about our extensive range of gold products and services, and why we're the go-to gold dealer for customers across London and beyond.


When to Sell Gold Jewelry - Timing Matters


Sell gold jewelry; it seems like everybody is talking about it. The Associated Press reported mass sell-offs in London and New York: "People formed long lines outside jewelry stores, clutching old coins, candlesticks, watches, bowls "anything that contained gold or silver." It seems you can't watch television or drive down the road these days without seeing an infomercial or billboard urging you to sell your old gold.


If you are seriously considering how to sell gold jewelry, my suggestion is don't focus so much on the "how." Instead, the smart way to sell your gold jewelry is to pay attention to the "when." Timing is critical when you sell unwanted gold to ensure that you get the best price for your unwanted items and have a fast, safe, and reliable transaction.


Here are a few market conditions that affect the timing of when to liquidate your gold for maximum profit:


* Gold price - this one is pretty self-explanatory, but note that gold prices are hovering around the all-time high in late 2008 and early 2009.


* Demand for your items - the more viable buyers there are equals more competition and ultimately drives the prices up benefiting you, the gold seller. In the past, volume gold buyers only dealt with Fortune 500 companies and brokerage firms, but recently that trend has changed and now the public can also hawk gold items and reap the highest financial rewards available.


* Ease of sale - this one is personal and regionally driven, but basically how much hassle, time, and inconvenience is it for sell your gold?


* Knowledge of selling options - another personal factor that determines what selling routes you have available and again, how easy is it to sell gold jewelry?


The best news if you want to sell old gold, is that the timing is almost perfect right now. Demand is very high and prices are skyrocketing. New consumer-friendly gold buyers simplify the sales process and bring the transaction right into your living room and onto your computer. With fast, stream-lined systems to get cash in your hands quickly and painlessly, there is really no reason not to sell unwanted gold jewelry and other gold items today.


Here is the simple 3 step process on how to sell gold jewelry, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.


Step #1 - Answer a few questions on a website. This takes about 30 seconds. You will receive a free information and mailing kit in the mail. In the meantime, dig through your jewelry box and or sock drawer and gather up any old gold, silver, or platinum (scratched, bent or broken, any condition is OK).


Note: There are no strings attached and you are under no obligation to sell your items until you choose to return your items in step #2.


Step #2 - Drop your unwanted items into the postage prepaid, secure shipping folder and return via US mail.


Step #3 - In about 24 hours, you receive a cash payment for your items.


It's really just that easy to sell gold jewelry and cash in on the new gold rush. Join the growing list of satisfied customers who sell unwanted gold from the comfort of their home today. Explore more


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