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Should You Get A Building Permit Before Working On Your Basement?



Perhaps one of the big questions you will have as you contemplate a basement project is "should I get a building permit?" This article will help you decide what you should do for your particular situation.


A building permit is a document issued by a city or county planning department to insure changes to structures are completed according to established building code and to regulate the safety and purpose of buildings.


For example, someone may want to convert a portion of their basement into a business office. Even if they were not doing any major renovation, they would need a permit because doing business from home might change the designation of the property from residential to commercial use.


City of Chicago Building Permit Search


The City of Chicago building permit search is a useful tool that can be used for looking up existing permits on a particular location. To use, enter your address or permit number and what dates you are looking between.


If there are any permits found in the permit database, they will be displayed, allowing you to identify the permits. If it is your permit, you can add it to your account to help keep track of it, alert you of renewal, or other reasons.


Building permits are needed for modifications or major repairs to electrical systems, building additions, construction of new buildings or movement and demolition of existing buildings.



Let's consider some basement projects to determine when it would warrant getting a building permit. Of course every city and county is different, but there are common projects that would indicate that you should get a permit. If you wanted to change your PVC plumbing to copper, add a bathroom, install another water heater, or build out a new section of your basement, you will certainly need a building permit.


You should get a building permit if you plan on using a contractor or have major demolition, renovation, construction, augmentation, or other changes in the base structure of the house.


However, if you are repainting, installing new carpet, adding insulation, putting in cabinets, or installing a water filter, you would not need a building permit. This is because these projects aren't significantly changing the use of your building or its base structure, and they have a low chance of creating unsafe conditions.


Obtaining a building permit requires several stages in the process. First, you submit plans or blueprints if you had some made, of what you intend to do.


Then a city or county planner must approve the idea and plans. Once you have received their approval you can begin the work. At certain points in the project you will need to call for inspections and the city or county will send someone to check and approve what you have done so far.


Be sure to find out at the time your plans are approved when they want inspectors to visit your job. When your project is complete, another inspector will come and give a final approval.



Tips on Finding the Best Building Permit Expediting Services


Every smart business person wants to spend smartly, without going over budget, all while staying within a specific time frame. There are some places where you've been able to "cut out the fat" and excess spending to keep things cost-effective-but when it comes to spending money on hiring out a pro who really knows what they're doing, building permit expediting services are the last place you want to cut corners.


Go for Experience


The building permit is one of the main factors of opening your business, and almost every other element of the business rests upon the speed and efficiency with which your building permit is obtained. Obviously, you don't need a novice handling such a key part of your business. Permit expediter


You need a company that has the experience with big Fortune 500 companies and small mom and pop stores alike, allowing them to make their way through this complex process with ease. Things like working with your construction manager to ensure timeliness, and knowing all the particulars of your specific permit, comes with years of experience working in the industry.


There's no reason to have issues with your permit just because you hired a sub-par permit expediting company for arguably the most important part of starting your business.


Think of Place


The location of your business has a lot to do with the requirements that will apply to getting a permit for your unique spot. When you're trying to find the best building permit expediting service, be sure to consider their knowledge of your specific area, or at least that they are able to go above and beyond in researching all the necessary steps they'll need to take to get your permit submitted and issued without a hitch.


Choose All-Inclusive


You don't want to hire someone just to do the beginning steps for you, and then leave you with a bunch of paperwork to file and no idea of how you're supposed to go about doing that. In addition to causing a lot of confusion, it can lead to severe mistakes that could come back to haunt you down the road. Instead, choose a company that will fill out all the forms, work with the necessary authorities, and manage all aspects of the permit process.


With a pro who is experienced, has knowledge of your unique location, and provides services that include everything important, you'll be better set up for success in business. For further Information visit this website 



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